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Big Finish Audio Relisten

Big Finish { listen again }Listened to everything Big Finish has produced? Don't know where to start? Join us for weekly discussions as we go through the audios.


The goal of this community is to provide a place to enjoy Big Finish and have fun with other people who do so as well. The discussion posts are a bit anything goes. New discussion posts go up every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for different audio ranges.

Currently discussing:
Main Range Monday: The Chimes of Midnight
Tomorrow People Tuesday: Discontinued
Benny Summerfield Thursday: The Bellotron Incident
Spin Off Friday: All Fall Down

Coming up:
Main Range Monday:
Seasons of Fear
Tomorrow People Tuesday: Discontinued
Bernice Summerfield Thursday: The Draconian Rage
Spin-Off Friday:The Lighthouse

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