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Sit down and listen
Big Finish Rec Week 
29th-Nov-2010 11:15 pm
Due to the fact that my work schedule this week is not kind I am throwing open the doors for a rec week.

What does that mean? It means now is the time to tell everyone why you love this thing Big Finish has done/is doing. Write a post campaigning for the next Friday series. Whatever.

Some ideas:

Rec your favorite audio
Rec your favorite range (show us some 2000 A.D. love, share why the new Robin Hood and Highlander ranges are awesome)
Rec a thematic list
Rec a reoccuring actor that you love
Rec a member of the Big Finish staff you think needs more love
Rec Vortex magazine, the podcast, or the Big Finish message boards
Rec the collection of Big Finish related communities on LJ
Got an old rec post that didn't have a lot of love? Share it.

Basically, if you can relate it back to Big Finish is some way feel free to rec it.

Hopefully my work schedule will be less sucky next week.
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